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#328: I'M BACK

about 1 month ago

1- The Talk Radio Experiment 2- Nothing Changes 3- Recall 4- Anti-vax Jesus and the NBA 5- Bubba and Michael win one 6- Can Tesla afford its racism? 7- Bruce’s Beach, that is some prime beachfront property. 8- Republicans play stupid as well as the actually do stupid. 9- Chris Titus is here. Well, he was there, and now he’s here. See for privacy information.

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#327: Let's Do Better


1- Juneteenth 2- Put the gun away. 3- McConnell is making plans. 4- Texas is making a run to catch Florida. 5- Go to KBLA1580.COM and listen, please. The App is coming. 6- THANK YOU. Really, I mean it, THANK YOU. See for privacy information.
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#326: You Are Not Magnetic


1- Some say “Government attacked,” others say “Disorderly Behavior.” 2- Fair election. I’ll kill you. 3- When used to privilege, equality is discrimination. 4- Billionaire money, Thousandaire taxes. 5- No racism until 6 months ago. 6- Vaccine creates race of Magnetos. See for privacy information.
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#325: Working With No Class


1- Check on a Republican 2- Truth? We don't need no stinkin' truth. 3- Trust me it's a college 4- We're crazy about mental health issues 5- Oh, I just remembered we are racist. See for privacy information.
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#324: I Came For Ice Cream


1- BANG BANG. Here we go again... 2- It was about policing, remember? 3- Jan 6? We were hoping you forgot. 4- I’m racist so I’ll head to an NBA game. What could happen?! 5- SHE'S THE GOAT, DAMMIT. 6- Celebrate the stupid See for privacy information...
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#323: The Bible said WHAT?


1- Vaccines are dangerous. Now give me that bag of gas. 2- I'm free to not wear my mask because I’m not vaccinated… huh? 3- Straight white men will be alright 4- I deny racism exists so now it goes away, right? 5- My grandkid is rich… whew! 6- The...
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#322: 26 Million Could Have Bought Gas


1- Pipeline is down. Price is up. Memorial Day is coming. 2- Let me fill these gas cans and light this here cigarette. 3- Take off that mask. 4- Bankrupt? Only morally. 5- Hey, kid. Want a gun? 6- I’ll be damned. A good guy with a gun. 7- Tent...
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#321: Foxmania


1- Back to work 2- Lynching. Fucking LYNCHING. 3- Who throws a whopper? 4- Critical Race Theory is critical of racists. 5- Our only idea is NO. 6- Our next Governor 7- "But, Your Honor, I have FOXMANIA..." See for privacy information.
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#320: Da Butt


1- Bad cops and Bad cops 2- 100 days 511 to 67. Yep, baby hands wins. 3- Damn, they like him. Let's make something up. 4- They didn’t mean for Nick Foles to win. 5- Damn your newfangled airline, I’ll take a boat. 6- You’re fired. 7- See we’ve got...
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#319: You Can Believe What You Saw


1- Guilty Guilty Guilty 2- Systematic Racism 3- Officer Bryan B: The cop we need. 4- The Founding Fathers said 5- Ben Carson still shucking and jivin'. 6- God definitely has a sense of humor 7- “Ladders! Get your ladders here! $5 ladders!” See for privacy information.
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#318: A Vaccine For Bullets


1- Things so bad, killer cop is out of the news 2- Another mass shooting... Seems they’re illegal. 3- Even Pat Robertson is tired of it. 4- Hands up, ah hell, I’ll shoot anyway. 5- Back off, cop. I’m white. 6- Support which troops? 7- Where’s my beachfront property? 8-...
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