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#340: Welcome Dwayne Perkins

about 1 year ago

1- International Comedy 2- Been Black and Brooklyn all over the world 3- What do they think of us? 4- Black Ice 5- Celebrity worship 6- Friends to the end, sort of. 7- It’s my Twitter 8- Some good news See for privacy information.

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#339: 2021 is GONE


1- Insurgence 2- Vaccines and Variants 3- Billionaires in space 4- Schools open. Let's start shooting. 5- Schools open. Let's stop teaching. 6- Justice vs No Justice in Black and White 7- Sports and Science 8- Remember the good ole days when Palin was crazy? 9- You could be from...
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#338: Los Angeles Press Icon Patt Morrison


1- What happened to news? 2- Did the lie become the truth? 3- Congress with a conscience 4- Gen X, Y, Z and then… 5- No really, LA has a culture. 6- Dateline the Moon See for privacy information.
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#337: Can we get Jesus for Justice?


1- Freedom of religion, as long as its my religion. 2- Look at the gun Jesus gave me for Christmas! 3- Is it a Dic Pic? 3- Science tries again. Science fails again. 4- First response is: No 5- Perfect wrong number 6- Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mal...
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#336: Welcome Tom Papa


1- Old Fashioned Stand Up 2- A New Variant 3- Working with the best 4- A Tip on tipping 5- My Brother’s in trouble 6- Christmas tips you can’t use See for privacy information.
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#335: The Verdict Is In


1- Rittenhouse: Not Guilty. No Surprise. 2- Ahmaud Arbery murderers: Guilty. Surprise. 3- When in doubt: SHOOT. 4- Can’t go this low 5- Oh- uhh, Happy Thanksgiving! See for privacy information.
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#334: Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Laurie Kilmartin


1- Great writers write great 2- Yeah, death can be funny. 3- Doin' the work 4- Speaking for all women 5- Sesame Street 6- Good news…now don’t let me ruin it. See for privacy information.
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#333: Welcome Stuttering John Melendez


1- Enough, Aaron 2- Joe Rogan is not a scientist, journalist, nor king. 3- Anti-Vax for life, which is a short time. 4- Ted Cruz insurrection 5- Straight White Male Perspective 6- What they really say about us 7- Some Good News. See for privacy information.
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#332: The Republicans Are Coming, The Republicans Are Coming


1- Memory of a Golden Retriever 2- More Marjorie than AOC 3- If you mandate, they will quit… or not. 4- Welcome Michael Steele See for privacy information.
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#331: A-Holes, Jerks, and Pricks… Oh My!


Interview with Jeff Cesario, Writer/Producer/Comic/Dad 1- What is wrong with us? 2- Adolescent country full of childish men 3- A-holes are rewarded 4- News is not news, it’s competition. 5- Masks, vaccines, and dog s**t See for privacy information.
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#330 - SULI


An hour with Writer/Comedian/Actor/Producer Suli McCullough. We talk: 1- Writing for the Emmy’s 2- Dave Chappelle 3- It's all political 4- Sports 5- Sneakers And a whole lot in between... 6- Oh, and Black hockey players. See for privacy information.
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