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#353: It's OK To Be A Unicorn

about 1 year ago

1- No, Tucker, a black mass shooter doesn’t make it okay. 2- Ghost guns are still guns 3- Stop those trucks 4- 10000 Ukrainians walk into a bar... 5- Inflation is rough all over 6- Corrupt and Stupid 7- It IS okay to be a Unicorn See for privacy information.

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#352: Brian Babylon


1- I started with Hannibal 2- Talk radio: a great job for the 80’s 3- Slap heard round the world 4- Black Lives Houses seem to matter 5- Men go to any lengths to find the Creepy See for privacy information.
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#351: Did Something Happen Last Week?


1- Can’t talk about Fox News 2- Cant talk about Apple 3- Chris Rock and Will Smith. See for privacy information.
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#350: Ketanji Brown Jackson


1- Best Tweet Ever 2- The Chairman calls the idiot from Tennessee. 3- Don't you know who I am?! Unfortunately, we do. 4- Why are Conservatives angry? 5- Mrs. Harris, will you be the deciding vote? See for privacy information.
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#349: Chris McGuire Running The Room


1- From Snoop to Martha To Nikki to George... He writes the funny. 2- How do you get Cloris Leachman to work dirty? 3- Finding the funny for them 4- Boston, NY, LA 5- TV in the middle 6- Leaded Gas 7- The good news is… See for privacy...
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#348: The World Famous Guy T


1- Guest Guy Torry 2- Phat Tuesday: The Place to Be 3- Good to be naive 4- Acting with the dark side of comedy 5- Doin' Life 6- Looking back and soaking it up 7- Country Music Awards? See for privacy information.
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#347: Eating Salad Drunk


1- Putin over Biden? Don’t tell Reagan 2- Freedom to deny Freedom 3- Shipping and handling definitely cost extra 4- I’m going to Disneyland 5- EATING SALAD DRUNK by GABE HENRY and us comics See for privacy information.
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#346: Jamie Kaler: Homeschooled


1- Sweet Taste of Urine 2- Navy Lieutenant surrenders to second grade 3- What’s my Name? 4- Funniest Dad 5- She’s checking her phone 6- The Parents Lounge 7- Thanks for a sense of wonder See for privacy information.
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#345: Joe Rogan Said


1- Voting rights: Gone. 2- Let’s ban the books! 3- The Freedom Convoy, isn’t. 4- He’s Black. Let's shoot him, again! 5- Leo Flowers on Life and Living See for privacy information.
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#344: Time For Black Women To Make History


1- No such thing as bad publicity 2- Newsom is an idiot 3- Another Fox hero falls 4- Of course it's systematic racism 5- Black women are OVERQUALIFIED and better than you, Cruz. 6- Just don’t pay it 7- Bethany Van Delft See for privacy information.
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#343: How Much Is Rich Worth?


1- John Stockton, we don’t need your assist. 2- Stupid SOB is a Stupid SOB 3- What’s her end game? 4- Ass whoopin Needed. Right NOW! 5- She did it just like the men do 6- Self made inheritance 7- Brian Murdoch: hard at work See for privacy information...
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