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#379: Vote Vote Vote

about 1 year ago

1- If it wasn’t important, they wouldn’t be trying to stop you.
2- Twitter is dead.
3- Hate speech is real.
4- What did rich white males want in 1791? Guns.
5- Kyrie is Krazy.
6- No Empathy. No Apology. No Accountability.

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#378: We're Number 4!


1- Its about the children…No, it's not.2- Herschel Walker paid for another one. Another abortion not another kid. He doesn’t pay for those.3- Don’t debate after a stroke4- Stop the steal or we’ll shoot5- MTG takes a bath with Trump and it's beautiful.6- Hello, Pot, This is Kettle.7- Shirley Raines...
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#377: We’re Gonna Need That DNA


1- 1400 to 18. They win, you lose.2- I got a badge. You got a badge. Everybody got a badge.3- Good ole racism. When all else fails...4- Drunk Driving? C’mon down to Georgia.5- She’s just too smart6- Sorry, mom. Do you have your kids DNA?7- That is not presidential ice...
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#376: I Should Have Bought An Apple


1- Mitch McConnell just won’t quit2- LA City Council a racist mess3- Get in the union4- You don’t have to go to China to hire children5- Why didn’t I buy Apple?
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#375: Ladies and Gentlemen: Rudy Moreno


1- The Original Latino Comic2- Yeah I know him and her and them3- Santa Claus4- Commerce has a Casino?5- In this corner…6- I love LA whatever happens7- He’s now a rock star
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#374: Fraud and the Frauding Fraudsters


1- Take his money.2- Brett Farve, the silence is deafening.3- Hey, Ted. Asylum worked for daddy.4- My name is Ron Johnson and I approve this message5- Texas is number 1… in banning books6- He’s a 20 something kid
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#373: DeSantis De Idiot


1- Isn’t that human trafficking?2- She’s a hero, not a criminal.3- build a freeway Crush a home4- Mermaids have no color. No really, they don’t. They’re not real.5- Uh Oh, we’re becoming a shit hole.6- Hey Touron, do not feed the bison...
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#372: The Common Good


1- Mississippi will Mississippi 2- Crooks, I mean, Bank of America 3- White Privilege? There’s a card for that 4- He’s going to get away with it 5- Angry, old white women 6- The common good? Nah.
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#371: That Train Is Coming, It’s Late But It’s Coming.


1- WATER 2- They’re leaving Cali.. No, they’re not 3- Declassify the fake docs. That’ll get ‘em. 4- Waitin on a train 5- Relax, MTG, Palin’s not coming. 6- Thank You, Serena.
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#370: California Stories


1- Vegas2- Pay your loans. We said your loans, not our loans.3- Tough on crime. Maybe not so much.4- Bullet-proof backpacks5- Not in my very expensive backyard6- No gas in Cali7- RIP Joey D8- National Dog Day. Give ‘em a treat.
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#369: Terrell Tilford Band of Vices


1- Bringing Art to an underserved world2- No egos here3- Some LeBron’s 97 million4- No bad art, kids. Create Create Create.5- It's all good news
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