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Episode 69: Return of the A-Train

8 months ago

The A-Train returns from her maternity leave and we find out about her new powers, talk about Janice Dickinson and other HOT gossip before getting into talking about Batman and more highly intelligent topics. JOIN THE PATREON and get almost TWICE THE EPISODE: Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" by Chuck Watkins (@BonkWatkins) and the WRPuppets Watch the video on YouTube: Video magic by Drew Brown (twitter: @TroutBasket insta: @imdrewbrown) See for privacy information.

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Epiisode 59: High/Low with Dave Waite and Shane Mauss


Dave Waite and Shane Mauss join The Bee Man to play High/Low where we call Domino's Pizzas and bet on whether the person who answers the phone will have a high voice or a low voice. Join the Patreon for the FULL 2 hour EPISODE! FREE VIDEO HERE:
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Episode 58: Linda Underwear


Twitter Sexpert Linda Underwear (@TimKalpakis) calls into the show to discuss riding her husband’s worm, her husband’s noodle, how to drive your man wild, and much more! We call Cosmopolitan magazine and some grocery stores to talk about eating snacks on the toilet. There’s 45 bonus minutes on the Patreon...
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Episode 57: Geno Randazzo


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bee Man and A-Train talk to their friend from the Old Country, Geno (Joe) Randazzo about comedy and defending statues from ANTIFA. We call an Italian place in Philadelphia and talk to Matt to find out why the Italian Market there smells so bad. We also talk...
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Episode 56: Three Billboards


If you liked that "Three Billboards" movie, you're going to love The Bee Man and the A-Train reading the script and making some phone calls on this episode of THE WORLD RECORD PODCAST! Join the Patreon for over 30 bonus minutes of this episode PLUS full uncut VIDEO will...
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Episode 55: Freestyle Raps, Hot Tub Water Births, and Three Billboards


This episode has some of the best Bee Man and A-Train raps to date. They flip gender roles on their heads and call some hot tub places to get a hot tub for our upcoming water birth, then we try to find a bikini for a Juggasaurus with Dip Can...
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Episode 54: “And You’re Saying You Got Approval To Release Bees and a Horse Into The Store?”


Bee Man and the A-Train are on top of their game in this episode. They tell their origin stories to a guy, procure a new location for Urkel’s House, then they do some educational raps about the United States Census (don’t do it).Join the Patreon for $5/month for full video...
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Episode 53: Dicker Troy


Dicker Troy takes time out of his busy schedule while driving Angelina Jolie around Namibia to call the Bee Man. They need to order cars for Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley, Jerry Mathers, and Lumpy Rutherford.
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Episode 52: Dicky Licky and Missy Pissy


In this episode The Bee-Man and A-Train make up lyrics to TV show theme songs, make some calls about their baby uncle and their aunt who is going through puberty. Then Dicky Licky and Missy Pissy try to hire a publicist and warn people about their old assistant Karen Dookie.Join...
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Episode 51: Celebrity Gossip with The Highway Man


The Highway Man (Henry Phillips) joins the Bee Man to discuss today’s HOTTEST GOSSIP! We talk to a guy at a bar about Donnie Wahlberg and the $2020 tip challenge. We find out if you can have a threesome on a twin bed, then we discuss the feud between James...
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Episode 50: Michael Keaton Pepsi Challenge


Michael Keaton calls into the WRP to discuss his career, do some raps, and get some free Pepsi products. Watch the full video and download the full episode-
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