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WRP 93 - Horse Paste

over 2 years ago

WELCOME TO THE NEWEST EPISODE UNTIL THE NEXT ONE! Hellman and The Bee-Man call some pharmacies to get some horse paste for their Covid. Get your WRP merch, join the Patreon and WATCH THE VIDEOS See for privacy information.

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Episode 82: Sean O'Connor and the World's Biggest Dog


Sean O'Connor joins us in the World Record Studios in Hollywood, CA with his own gun to talk about shorts and shouldn'ts, shoot guns, then he leaves and The Bee Man and A-Train talk about the world's biggest dog with someone who actually met him! JOIN THE PATREON FOR A...
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Episode 81: The History of Hip-Hop and the Church of Fudge


Bee man & A-Train introduce their new NPR show "The History of Hip-Hop", discuss The Church of Fudge, and call around to get some t-shirts made about pooping in the bedroom- if you know what I mean. JOIN THE PATREON FOR 45 MORE MINUTES OF THIS EP AND ALL THE...
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Episode 80: Wing Stop Conspiracy feat Lizzy Cooperman


Bee Man and A-Train talk about a dumb ass Wing Stop commercial, we listen to Taylor Negron, talk about crank calling 9-1-1, then we call and harass our friend Lizzy Cooperman. FULL UNCUT EPISODE WITH VIDEO "Don't You Forget About Me" by Chuck Watkins See for privacy information...
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Episode 79: Dr. Anthony Fauci


The Bee Man has a gun so he can keep The A-Train and Aaron in line now. They talk about Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) then they talk to Dr. Fauci (Johnny Pemberton) for over an hour! FULL EPISODE: "Raw Power" by Chuck Watkins See for privacy...
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Episode 78: Derek Waters


The A-Train pulls into the station late for a ground-breaking interview with our friend and creator of Drunk History, Derek Waters! Duncan Trussell crashes the show and tries to derail it, but we keep it on track. Join the Patreon for an extra 30 minutes: Watch the video:
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Episode 77: Kybella and a Full Wet Potato with Lizzy Cooperman


Lizzy Cooperman joins us again to talk about Kybella so we call a place to make an appointment! Then she tells us about the time she got a full wet potato in a bag of chips. For the FULL FREAKY EPISODE go to and for $5/month you get EVERYTHING...
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Episode 76: Normal Voicemail Podcast


The Bee Man and The A-Train (who has lice) call people and leave this episode on their voicemails in a new viral marketing campaign. Featuring the voicemails of Brent Weinbach and Derek Waters. Then we try to get to the bottom of if marking a voicemail as "Urgent" actually does...
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Episode 75: Major Entertainer Mike H featuring Neil Hamburger


The Bee Man is joined by Major Entertainer Opening Act Mike H for an in studio concert and interview. We also call our mutual friend Neil Hamburger to discuss show business. This is a top tier podcast. For 40+ bonus minutes, join the patreon! Watch the video here:
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Episode 74: Rainbow Connection LOST EPISODE


This episode was lost but now it's found. The A-Train was on The Voice and dedicated her rendition of "Rainbow Connection" to her autistic brother Jack. Get 30 bonus minutes at WATCH THE VIDEO: Camper Van Beethoven's "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by Chuck Watkins See for privacy...
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Episode 73: Matt Farley and Lorne Michaels


BREAKING NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: We catch up with our friend Matt Farley who has written and produced over 22,000 songs and the wheels are in motion to get him into THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. Then LORNE MICHAELS joins us via Skype to discuss his career in show business...
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