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486-Danny Brown-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

about 3 days ago

The Bruiser Brigade is in the building. Who knew that Detroit's own, Danny Brown would be such a natural fit in the mommy dome?

Fit? We're talking first ballot hall of famer. Pull your jeans up over your ears and let this one remind you why you swore to the denim gods to begin with.

AND, we found a guy that is SO COOL he actually breaks the mold of the Cool Guy Club and we think he has formed a new club?

Just wait til you hear what this Nick fella has to say.

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485-Big Daddy Kane-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Who cares what clips or drops we play during this episode. None of it matters because legendary hip hop MC, Big Daddy Kane is in the studio. We get to ask everything we've always wanted to ask about coming up in the rap game, writing hit songs and did something...
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484-Yoshi & Redban - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


What kind of dude brings a dead raccoon into a restaurant? A cool SF dude. We have the tape to prove it. Plus, we heard that a fake orgasm can be detected if you really slow down the audio on it. Was Uncle Terry faking it? Here's a test. All...
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483-Neal Brennan & Pete Holmes - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


This one is a game-changer. Get ready. First we share an astonishing update from the McDonald's people that will forever change this podcast and fast food. It's too good to share here. PLUS, what is really up with our Uncle Terry? Is he shameless or liberated? We discuss. AND did...
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482-Liza Treyger-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Sometimes reading the bible brings you peace and sometimes it reminds you that you beat your wife. Er, we better let the good Pastor explain this one. PLUS, the viewers had a lot to say about the new set. Will our corporate sponsor help explain the choices we made? We...
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481-Dr. Drew, Ryan Sickler, Andrew Santino-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


It's finally here. We have moved...Inside Studio Jeans and we got our friends together to celebrate the new space and their new shows. It might be an upgraded studio but it's still Tommy and Tina and all the wonderful clips and conversations that keep your jeans so high and tight...
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480-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Well Jean, here we are. Another year, another pair of tightly worn denim. Sadly this is the last episode we will have done in the "old" home studio, but we are so excited to be moving to our new spot, Studio Jeans. Christina and Tom recall all the studio they've...
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479-Nikki Glaser-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


She's back, comedian, radio-host and jitterbug dancer, Nikki Glaser is in the building for an instant classic. We review some of the cool, neat, raw men with Nikki since she's single and we think most of these guys are too. Plus Fart Simpson can retire now. His most epic prank...
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478-Adam Ray-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Uh-oh, better check all your previous tweets, thoughts, voice recordings and more! They're coming for you and want that apology. You giving in? Kevin Hart said, "No, thank you" to the Academy and comedians around the world are forever grateful. Plus we have the good stuff. An amazing YMH EXCLUSIVE...
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477-Kyle Dunnigan-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Oh. My. Jeans. This episode has it all: Farts, Serial Killers (not Tommy) explained in detail by Josh Potter, JULIA with the full story of how she received those AWFUL video messages! AND the great and hilarious KYLE DUNNIGAN joins us in studio to discuss his amazing instagram videos, his...
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476-Fahim Anwar-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Darts? Farts? Why not both? Such a special thing to bring two beautiful things together. We have some really fun guessing games for you today in our Drugs or Mental Illness segment AND this Horrible or Hilarious is sure to make you HOWL! The "Julia" submissions keep making us laugh...
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