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478-Adam Ray-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

about 2 days ago

Uh-oh, better check all your previous tweets, thoughts, voice recordings and more! They're coming for you and want that apology. You giving in? Kevin Hart said, "No, thank you" to the Academy and comedians around the world are forever grateful.

Plus we have the good stuff. An amazing YMH EXCLUSIVE! It turns out that Julia kept an extra video from Joe and she's held on to it all this time until now. We have that video! Get that vomit bag ready for another winner from Joe.

Comedian/actor Adam "The Voice" Ray joins us in studio and he is a natural fit. Check out his podcast About Last Night that he does with another YMH alum, Brad Williams.

We also have some video special affects that you'll have to check out the Youtube page to truly appreciate.

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477-Kyle Dunnigan-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Oh. My. Jeans. This episode has it all: Farts, Serial Killers (not Tommy) explained in detail by Josh Potter, JULIA with the full story of how she received those AWFUL video messages! AND the great and hilarious KYLE DUNNIGAN joins us in studio to discuss his amazing instagram videos, his...
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476-Fahim Anwar-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Darts? Farts? Why not both? Such a special thing to bring two beautiful things together. We have some really fun guessing games for you today in our Drugs or Mental Illness segment AND this Horrible or Hilarious is sure to make you HOWL! The "Julia" submissions keep making us laugh...
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475-Ryan Sickler & Sean Anders - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Jeans are back up and on and thankfully no more fire in our hood. We are BLESSED this episode to be joined by comedian and podcaster, Ryan Sickler! His new album, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF is out now and currently #1 on iTunes. It's definitely worth your time -...
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474-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Fire! It's everywhere out here. This week is not your usual recording. We are alone, without guests and honestly more than a little freaked out by these outrageous firestorms. We wanted to try and get a quick episode in before we evacuate. We were able to have some laughs and...
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473-Tom Green-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


A dream come true. Tom Green, one of the funniest and most original voices of the last 25 years comes over and chops it up with the Mommy's. We discuss his incredible rise to fame, his dedication to his pranks, how his life changed and what he's up to today...
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472-Whitney Cummings-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Christina's new special The Degenerates is out on Netflix! Check it out, Jean. Plus this episode is full of ladies! Ladies who shut it down, ladies who yell and scream, ladies with amazing email questions and two remarkable lady guests. First, the great Whitney Cummings is a great, hilarious hang...
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471-Annie Lederman-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


The internet giveth and we taketh with pride! We have a solo act that we think you're all really going to like in a drug hazed, terrifying kind of way. Tommy can find comfort in an Aussie mate who also has what appears to be a most disloyal wife! Plus...
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470-Chad Daniels-Your Mom's House Podcast with Christina P and Tom Segura


Comedy isn't supposed to be sexy. Try telling that to this weeks guest. Chad Daniels isn't just one of the best comedians on the planet, he's extremely handsome and a master of Road Beave. Just ask the women of Asia, where Chad smashed for a week straight a few years...
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469-Felipe Esparza-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Pull up those jeans and tighten your belt, this one is epic. We bring you our first unofficial round of On Drugs or Mentally Ill? This one comes from Starbucks and this lady really loses it. We couldn't feel more connected to the barista that (apparently) told her to get...
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468-Finesse Mitchell-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


Burps? Yup. Face farts? Uh-huh. Jizz into a cup and then sip your own? You know where you are. It's another episode of the award-winning, life-altering, always enlightening YMH. More evidence that not only is Christine a snitch, she's a hypocrite too! Plus SNL alum Finesse Mitchell stops by to...
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