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#13.25 The Recorded On An iPhone Episode

over 4 years ago

The Long Shot is back, with comedian and Conan staff writer Brian Kiley!

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#13.24 The Theme Parks Episode


Amber is a floor warden, Sean orders 2 coffees, Joe puts the THEME back in Park, and Jamie joins the monster squad.
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#13.23 The Heatwave Episode


Joe rides an emotional roller coaster, Amber has a boater’s neck, Jamie recounts storied from Dynasty Typewriter, and Sean is still in negotiations.
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#13.22 The That Was A Joke Episode


Jamie has a girlfriend (we’ve established that), Joe still smells good, Amber is a superstar, and Sean does a couple things.
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#13.21 The Broken Memory Card Episode


Somehow we slavage a show after a glitch and a bad memory card messes with the recording.
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#13.20 The “Solo” Episode


Sean spoils a 20 year old movie and Amber tells a story one word at a time, all before checking in even beings!
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#13.19 The Fortnight Episode


Sean has a frog in throat, Joe is has a good smell, Amber has a full weekend, and Jame has a love life.
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#13.18 The Gluten Free Episode


Sean believes in Santa Claus, Joe believes in ghosts, and Amber believes inn...
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#13.17 The Hashtag First Time Long Shot Episode


Sloppy Joe teaches sketch, Amber goes to the desert, and Sean plays golf.Closing song by Matt Mulholland
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#13.16 The Good Desk Episode


Sean has a meeting, Jamie keeps looking at a thing, and Amber tries goat yoga.
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#13.15 The VV Writing Episode with Michael Marcus


Story teller and author, Michael Marcus talks with The Long Shot about writing, and Jamie narrowly escapes death, Sean sees Jorge and might be complicit in a hate crime, and Amber spends time at Vons.You can hear more from Michael Marcus and “#1 Son and Other Stories” on Marc Maron's...
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