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#14.09: Attack of the Robot Comics with Alex Gonzalez

over 2 years ago

The Long Shooters are more upset about current events than they have been in a long time- possibly since the episode they recorded right after the bombardment of Fort Sumter in 1861 (the notorious "What's Abner Doubleday Been Up To?" episode). They also discuss The Singularity, and whether or not it's possible, sometimes, to pull out too far.

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#14.08: The Mysterious Case Of The Fictional Dolly Guy


The Long Shotters reveal a new undisclosed location, contemplate adopting appliances from a shelter, lament the potential return of the Immaculata or Encantada or Chimichanga or whatever it is, and are finally able to obtain and consume a rare and rarely delivered Colombian delicacy to Zoomily celebrate the ringing-in of...
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#14.07: Prime Rib Chunk Bowl


The LoShoPoHoHoers demonstrate appropriate reverence for Fat Lever's 13.9 PPG career average (or at least for the Topps basketball card that shows that statistic), search for their falsetto, relish and abhor a particular Denny's bowl, and can't find Colombian delivery to save their Christmas Zooms.
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#14.06: Milk or Sour Cream or Milk or Sour Cream


The LoShoPo cadre explores Shakespearean distinctions between milk and sour cream, the spiritual, emotional, and musical value of one smile and one laugh, and how to get a deli number for the vaccine, on this special Christmas episode (which also happens to be the darkest episode ever) (according to some)...
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#14.05: Jamie Ambushes The Guest with Mandee Johnson


The LoShoPo crew finds new digs, sees a ghost, drinks a hoppy I.P.A. (but not for the soft and fluffy taste), loses to Hitler, and welcomes special guest comedy producer and photographer extraordinaire, Mandee Johnson, author of Super Serious: An Oral History of Los Angeles Independent Stand-up Comedy.
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#14.04: We Found Each Other At Jumbo's Clown Room


The Long Shot cohort (LoShoPoCoHo?) deliberates a beautiful state that's leading the country in a number of undesirable categories, the mixed emotions of helter-skelter theatrical efforts being rewarded with the sound of the internet blinking, and dating your own hair.
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#14.03: The Case Of The Mannequin Arm In The Christmas Tree Stand


The Long Shot crew laments that they are once again back to zero days with a full complement, stops at Morongo Casino for a very specific reason and hits the jackpot, time travels via the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, recognizes a building in a Beastie Boys documentary, and absolutely houses...
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#14.02: 2 Degrees Of Phil Collins


The gang dives deep into the Phil Collins oeuvre, locates a missing driver's license, gets blindsided by The Blind Side (from directly above), contemplates a quick jaunt to Joshua Tree, and excoriates a mask-less plumber.
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#14.01: The Surprise Halloween 2020 Zoom Episode


What's this?? An unexpected Halloween drop of a Long Shot Zoom recording session recorded last weekend?? YES, IT IS EXACTLY THAT! As the planet veers towards possible End Days, the gang got together to check in on fancy sandwiches, celebrity lawn sightings, government cheese, and on-set temperature checks. PLUS A...
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Sean Conroy Gets Happier - Episode 103 - Eddie Pepitone Traces Magellan's Routes


Eddie Pepitone explains Freudian child psychology, how default settings can make achieving happiness regularly more difficult, and what the hell happened to Orson Wells.
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Sean Conroy's New Podcast: Sean Conroy Gets Happier! Available March 2, 2020


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