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# 191 - Hot Dogs & Pizza with Sarath Ton

about 1 year ago

Today, I sit down with pro wrestler, Sarath Ton. We talk about being married to Sasha Banks, sneakers, how he started costume designing for WWE, autism awareness, and much more! Follow Sarath Instagram: Get Sarath's new shoe drop at Footlocker or Champ Sports April 13th This episode is brought to you by Freeze Pipe. Get 10% off when you use the code “Funches” at Follow me on my Twitch channel for comedy nights, video games with friends, and more! Become a Patron at and get perks like personal affirmations, shoutouts, hand written letters, tickets to my shows, and much more! We have an Instagram! Give us a follow for classic clips and positive affirmations at @gettinbetterpodcast For all tour dates and merch go to Don't forget to hit subscribe for weekly podcasts! See for privacy information.

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