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# 193 - Anthony Jeselnik - Best of Gettin’ Better

about 1 year ago

Today, we are replaying our favorite episodes in this “Best of” series. Today, we are replaying one of our most popular episodes with Anthony Jeselnik! Anthony and I talk about pc comedy culture, being too happy, what makes a great joke, being the best, and how Anthony is Gettin' Better! Follow Anthony Twitter: This episode is also brought to you by Better Help. Get 10% off your first month at Follow me on my Twitch channel for comedy nights, video games with friends, and more! Become a Patron at and get perks like personal affirmations, shoutouts, hand written letters, tickets to my shows, and much more! We have an Instagram! Give us a follow for classic clips and positive affirmations at @gettinbetterpodcast For all tour dates and merch go to Don't forget to hit subscribe for weekly podcasts! See for privacy information.

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