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197: Jason Dill

over 4 years ago

Renowned skateboarder, clothing line entrepreneur, and actor, Jason Dill is this week’s guest on The Poundcast. They talk movies, drugs, Thrasher, and more. You’ll see. Then, on After Dark, Brent poses as Dill and answers questions from puppies. Let’s go.

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196: Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian


Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian are the stars and creators of the TBS show The Dress Up Gang. As returning guests, the join Doug and Brent once again to talk about basketball, basketball, and also, basketball. Just kidding, but they do talk about basketball.
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195: Kurt Larson and Gabe Castro


Kurt Larson aka Kurt Harland aka Kurt Valaquen is the lead singer of the band Information Society. He is also a video game music composer and director. Gabe Castro is also a video game music composer (as well as a composer for TV and film) but he also happens to...
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193: Quarantine Qalls 2


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191: Cole Kush


Cole Kush is a 3D animator and film maker. He talks to Doug and Brent about his new video streaming network/service, Eternal Family, which features shows from Kush-approved creators such as Jerry Paper, Mac DeMarco, and Jay Weingarten. To check it out, go to:
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190: Anna Seregina and Kyle Mizono


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188: Ramin Nazer


Artist Ramin Nazer joins Doug and Brent (still in isolation and doing the podcast remotely) on this episode of The Poundcast. They talk Ramin's art work, of which he posts new pieces every single day on his Instagram account, as well as his venture into making iPhone/tablet games such...
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187: Corona Calls


Doug and Brent hunker down in their virus free shelters and call some Pimples. They talk about "gerbaling," editing porn and surviving the pandemic. They even talk to a Pimple who has the corona virus! Sometimes a knuckle needs to Skype. Subscribe to our Patreon for extended episodes:
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