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249 The Assassination Of Marat

over 3 years ago

In this episode you will learn about the unsung hero of the French Revolution and all time bad ass woman Charlotte Corday. I just finished the brilliantly written book 'Paris In The Terror' by Stanley Loomis. The book was published in 1964 and UC Berkeley named it one of the best books of the century. 

It is a riveting book about the main players of the French Revolution who all get their heads chopped off by the guillotine.
In this book I learned about the incredible tale of Charlotte Corday from Caen, France who had never been to Paris before she traveled there at the age of 24 to assassinate Marat, the foul shit stirrer who incited the mob of Paris to violence.
This head strong witty young woman from Caen left behind her obscure life to become in one act of vengeance one of the most infamous people of the French Revolution. Her story should be made into a major motion picture but until then let me regal you with this epic tale that you may have never heard before.
In this year of women rising up and demanding equality it is a perfect time to be captivated by this woman from provincial France who decided to take matters in her own hands in order to save the glory of her nation. If the sound of dropping guillotine blades and mobs carrying pitchforks excite you then this episode will be a treat. It is my pleasure to present to you now the story of Charlotte Corday and the assassination of Marat! 

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