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285 The Joy of Suffering

about 1 year ago

At any one time there are more people who are suffering than there are who are happy, many more people who are heartbroken than there are who are in love.

Apparently the dark sad days I'm living have increased my fans and friendships. This week I learned how because I am hurting and going through troubles that makes it possible for more people to relate to me and get closer to me. Electronic messages and things said to my face confirm that some people I know are happy that I'm emotionally in the toilet these days because now I belong to the majority of humans who grapple with life.
This is when I discovered the joy of suffering. Because so many people have told me they feel for me in my suffering. Brian Holtzman at the Comedy Store told me "When you were happy and in love I couldn't relate to you but now that you are divorced and miserable I think we can be friends now." Hilarious!
The Comedy Store was hit by a tsunami when all of our friend Brody Stevens killed himself this past week. I saw him two nights before he killed himself and he told me that he was sorry that I was having some trouble right now. That beautiful human being was worried about me. I wish I had more perceptive but that is how we all feel who are at the Comedy Store. Hug your people. Heal for your people. Mental illness is real! Take care of your people.
In this episode I praise Don Neto for saying that "I love people more than money." I read to you a curious piece of wisdom called 'Loving each other in joy' which my mother mailed to me in the 1990s. I just found the Xerox pages of it and the contents are worth buttering your skull with. People in poor countries and people with disabilities laugh more and enjoy life more than most of us. Hear the story of the perfectly happy burn victim woman I saw on the streets of London on her victory walk and then rejoice in the story of the hummingbird that got caught inside my apartment and what I had to do to get this fucker to trust me so that I could save it's life.
Throw out the aspirin and giggle away despair!
Butter your skull with TRR Smart Camp # 285!

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