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290 Improving Humanity with W. Kamau Bell

about 1 year ago

W. Kamau Bell has the most important show on television where he examines race in America and in this episode he tells me how close we are to Civil war and what to expect. I've know Kamau since my old San Francisco days and he is a great old friend that I can cover the current most important questions with him like, will rich white people be in charge forever? How does the electoral college system relate to slavery? Why do Supreme court justices get to keep that job for life?

Will I ever get a stamp commemoration for blocking my brother Dave on facebook?

Kamau is a good friend for me to vent my frustrations to right now and getting to talk to him after both of my brothers have declared war on me and want to hold me accountable for all the actions of the left. I'm proud that I told mat brother Dave, "What you call the liberal gay agenda I call the teachings of Christ."

To be compassionate and caring to others the way Jesus taught us to be.

If you are going to a church that preaches war and enemies you are going to the wrong church. "The money is in fear, not love."

Professional politicians are more interesting in keeping their jobs than they are in protecting democracy. Should Brett Kavanaugh breaking down and crying like a baby disqualify him from ever being considered a serious decision maker of laws and when we stop laughing about that?

We recorded this conversation right across the street from CNN in Kamau's hotel room and we talk about the Trump wake up call making some true believers in journalism step up their game at CNN. We talk about the episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations where Kamau filmed an episode in Kenya with Bourdain right before he died. Bourdain is a god to me and Kamau generously tells us the best advice Bourdain gave him about filming for television. If anyone at CNN or anywhere else had any sense in their head they would give Tom Rhodes his own epic world travel comedy show.

The New Zealand mosque shooting is fresh pain in the world where slaughters at synagogues, churches, elementary schools are never enough for everyone to yell "Enough! Stop the senseless slaughter of innocents"

Even in the pursuit of making television Kamau tells me, "You should show respect to all religions." Your actions in the world should show what kind of person you are. Everyone should watch the film 'Starman.'

"You humans are at your best when you are working together during tragedies."

Do as much as you can, while you can to make the world a better place.

Make the world a better place by listening to W. Kamau Bell and and improve humanity and you can do the same afterwards by going to

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