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#303 Be Kind

over 3 years ago

1 - Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa

2 - $600 whether you need it or not

3 - Where’s that other 700 billion?

4 - He almost got right

5 - Fraud. You want to talk fraud???

6 - Privilege vs Punishment

7 - My aunt’s cousin’s stepson’s girlfriend died from the

vaccination It's true I read it at Q Anon

8 - Wal Mart Justice

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#293: Jesus Christ, He's Got The 'Rona


1- Trump gets Covid… I think.2- Debates? You ever played chess with a pigeon?!3- 4 million people, 1 ballot box. No voter suppression here.4- She went to Rhodes College so she’s a Rhodes scholar, next question.5- Rode across the west. Flood, depression, hope, and funny.6- Back to the virtual world...
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1- Her Life Mattered2- Wanton Endangerment of Justice3- Truth? About White Supremacists? What government is this?4- What IS a hate crime, Iowa?5- RIP to the Notorious RBG6- The race to hypocrisy will be won Saturday7- Dave has done it again8- I guess I haven't, I’m underrated9- Jesus told you to...
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#291: I Want A Cult Of My Own


1- I’m safe. You... not so much.2- Four in 1 equal whopper3- It will get cooler4- Damn Antifa and their unknown cars5- Slow that Camry down6- NO ONE WANTS COPS SHOT.7- It’s not LeBron’s fault.8- I am Groot.
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#290: Labor Day: Still Workin'


1- Law and Order my azz2- Stars and Stripes forever3- This is what the players did4- Black on black crime of the highest order5- Too many, too soon
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#289: More Than Sports


1- Jacob Blake: Say his name.2- Kyle Rittenhouse is a criminal.3- Athletes matter. Thank you all.4- Shuckin' and Jivin' for the RNC5- Anti-mask parents schooled by kids
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#288: The DNC & The NBA


1- The speeches tho2- Buy Goodyear3- Bannon fraud4- Shut up, Lil' Marco.5- Bye, Laurie.6- Never shut up and dribble.7- A pussy is tougher than you.
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#287: I'm Hypocritical AF


1- Biden/Harris2- Losing from the front3- I got nothing.
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#286: Find Something New


1- 3 Men and a Baby2- Sacrifice for Dear Leader3- Demon sex makes me sleepy4- Please keep your crazy behind the blue line5- "Everybody hates me." Yeah.6- President Pelosi 20217- $600? No. A few billion here and there? No problem.8- Sports is back, sort of.9- She should probably find something...
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#285: “Old Religion, New Virus”


1- RIP John Lewis. Stay out, Mitch McConnell.2- My quote is Fake News3- He caught the Fake Virus4- Old Time Religion: Now with New and Improved Virus!5- Mask wars6- 'Rona in sports and strip clubs but try the wings7- The Silent Majority
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#284: "Greatest Test Ever"


1- I’m back to new normal2- He passed the test, so did a brick.3- A Real American Hero4- Teachers fighting to save kids. Governor, not so much...5- Dr Fauci's worst worst nightmare6- No, Kanye, you idiot. NO.7- The Happiest place on earth and there’s sports.8- Thank You, John Lewis. R.I.P...
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