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#322: 26 Million Could Have Bought Gas

over 3 years ago

1- Pipeline is down. Price is up. Memorial Day is coming. 2- Let me fill these gas cans and light this here cigarette. 3- Take off that mask. 4- Bankrupt? Only morally. 5- Hey, kid. Want a gun? 6- I’ll be damned. A good guy with a gun. 7- Tent City. The good kind. 8- Goodbye, Ellen. 9- See what had happened was I washed that ticket... See for privacy information.

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#321: Foxmania


1- Back to work 2- Lynching. Fucking LYNCHING. 3- Who throws a whopper? 4- Critical Race Theory is critical of racists. 5- Our only idea is NO. 6- Our next Governor 7- "But, Your Honor, I have FOXMANIA..." See for privacy information.
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#320: Da Butt


1- Bad cops and Bad cops 2- 100 days 511 to 67. Yep, baby hands wins. 3- Damn, they like him. Let's make something up. 4- They didn’t mean for Nick Foles to win. 5- Damn your newfangled airline, I’ll take a boat. 6- You’re fired. 7- See we’ve got...
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#319: You Can Believe What You Saw


1- Guilty Guilty Guilty 2- Systematic Racism 3- Officer Bryan B: The cop we need. 4- The Founding Fathers said 5- Ben Carson still shucking and jivin'. 6- God definitely has a sense of humor 7- “Ladders! Get your ladders here! $5 ladders!” See for privacy information.
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#318: A Vaccine For Bullets


1- Things so bad, killer cop is out of the news 2- Another mass shooting... Seems they’re illegal. 3- Even Pat Robertson is tired of it. 4- Hands up, ah hell, I’ll shoot anyway. 5- Back off, cop. I’m white. 6- Support which troops? 7- Where’s my beachfront property? 8-...
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1- Mitch Flipped for Coke money 2- You wouldn’t want trump to call you a defector... 3- Who wants to die now? 4- Cop vs Cop, or just the truth? 5- You’re fired.. 6- She didn’t take the money. 7 - The Wolfette of Wall Street See for privacy...
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#316: Namaste


1- It’s the Derek Chauvin Trial 2- No, we say No. What is it? Doesn’t matter. NO. 3- Way to go, Pete. 4- Wait, what? They want to vote? 5- I vote you don’t fly Delta 6- 17 7- Damn that yoga. 8- I have billion minus 130 dollars. See...
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1- Hello, Florida. Joker... Governor... same thing. 2- Welcome to Texas. Wait-- Where ya goin'? 3- Lyin' Ted tells the truth. 4- Republican constitution is pro gun and anti vote. 5- She’s not supposed to salute, Stupid. 6- Sorry, Jay, I’m not apologizing. See for privacy information...
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#314: Call It What It IS


1- A hate crime is not a bad day. 2- Domestic Terrorists are White Supremacists. 3 - Jen Psaki don’t play. 4- Terri Lynn trying to take Karen’s place. 5- Reefer Madness 6- See for privacy information.
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#313: Where Were You When We Closed?


1- Stimulating Stimulus 2- I voted NO but that was yesterday 3- We’d like some transparency for our fake questions 4- Guess who’s voting by mail 5- Princess of Pain See for privacy information.
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#312: Lyin' Ted


1- Welcome to Florida 2- Texas is open 3- Golden idols made in Mexico 4- CPAC and the C is for CULT 5- Lyin Ted is lyin again. 6- Cancel that order of Freedom Fries. 7- Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head walk into a bar... See for privacy...
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