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330 Pampered Suffering

over 4 years ago

During the rut the males exhibit tough guy behavior in order to attract a mate, me myself I always preferred dancing.

In these frightening uncertain times it is always good to be reminded of the good that humans have done while working together. That is why my mom and I have been watching the PBS docu series 'Great Museums of America'. In this episode we talk about and celebrate the best stories and information we learned from:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Colorado History Museum
The California Surf Museum
The Molly Brown House
The Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage
The Museum of Modern Art
The George Eastman House
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
The Smithsonian Institute
The Morris Museum of Art
The National Zoo
The Franklin Institute
The Whale Museum
The New York City Fire Department Museum
The Henry Ford Museum
"Everything is soon to be history, therefore everything is collectable."
Strive to be a better human in all that you do. Shalom Amigos y amigas!

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