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Anders Holm

over 3 years ago

WE DID IT!! WE COLLECTED ALL THE WORKAHOLICS GUYS!! Anders Holm aka “Ders” finally completes the collection of Workaholics On TYSO! Anders immediately questions why his original episode with Rick was shelved and worries if this one will ever see the light of day… They discuss their worries about getting old, arthritis and Ders show us his lovely bumps. The two get into a DEEP discussion about “Big Toilet” and how the corporation of toilet makers is against us all. The toilet chat highjacks a large portion of the entire episode and Rick gets a well known manufacturer of one of the biggest of Big Toilet…Kohler on the phone to ask some hard hitting questions. We get to anxiously watch Rick play the Phone-Mute Game that he invented/mastered and he and Anders argue over whether or not Rick is really holding them accountable and why he should have pressed “0”. Anders teaches us all how to write a TV script (with examples), Rick retells the story of Mom Pooping on Betty’s Rug, and enquires about big celebrities who follow the Workaholics star but who he refuses to follow back. Der’s interrogates our host about some never-to-be-released episodes in the vault at TYSO, and why Der’s former episode sit’s among them. Oh and you may have seen the handsomest of the dads, Mr Steve Glassman, featured in the ads for this week's episode... If the best rugs salesmen in Ohio can’t convince you to look after your hair and get therapy… we don’t know what will! So help us by supporting our sponsors: BETTER HELP Take Your Shoes Off listeners get 10% off their first month at !! KEEPS If you want hair as good as the Glassman’s go to to receive your first month of treatment for FREE!! RICK GLASSMAN NFT's @ ANDERS HOLM This Is Important podcast: See for privacy information.

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