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Ep 102 - News on Daniel Tosh, Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer

over 8 years ago

Dylan and Mike chat about Daniel Tosh's war on ESPN, Chelsea Handler's war on Instagram and Amy Schumer's war on using the word "pussy" on Comedy Central. That and so much more! theme music by

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Ep. 101 - Chris Rock, Artie Lange, Lena Dunham


Dylan and Mike are BACK to deliver and banter about comedy news! This week, we touch on the Artie Lange Twitter controversy, Chris Rock's SNL monologue, Lena Dunham and much more! for more into/outro music by
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Ep. 100 - Jeannette Rizzi interview


On the historic 100th episode of The Laughspin Podcast, Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino sits down with comedian Jeannette Rizzi to talk about her show Blindsided. The show centers on Rizzi's experience with suicide and suicide prevention. Fear not! Rizzi's story is pretty amazing, so buckle up and prepare to learn...
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Ep. 99 -- Dane Cook Interview


Dane Cook drops by the Laughspin Podcast to chat with Dylan Gadino about his new Showtime comedy special Troublemaker, his recent breakup, the ups and downs of his career and so much more! for more comedy fun!
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Ep. 98 - Carly Aquilino interview


Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino recently caught up with Carly Aquilino of MTV's hit show Girl Code. The conversation ranged from Aquilino's new dog Whoofy Goldberg (who, as of this writing, has nearly 15,000 Instagram followers) to the benefits of nose picking, much more! for more comedy fun
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Ep. 97 - ex porn star, current comedian Alia Janine interview


Former pornstar, current comedian Alia Janine joins Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino for a chat on The Laughspin Podcast! Settle in as Alia tell us about her life in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, New York and all points in between How did she get into porn? Why comedy? Why now? What’s the...
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Ep. 96 - Robert Kelly interview


Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino visits comedian Robert Kelly at his home in New York State to talk about Robert's new role as a father, his upcoming gig playing a drummer in Denis Leary's new FX series, Sesame Street, his own podcast 'You Know What Dude?' the meaning of true happiness...
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Ep. 95 - Cameron Esposito Interview


Comedian Cameron Esposito talks with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino at Gilda's LaughFest for The Laughspin Podcast. The two chat about her epic performance on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which featured a very unique interaction with Jay Leno as well as the pitfalls of getting drunk, how coming out...
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Ep. 94 - Judd Apatow Interview


Judd Apatow sits down with editor Dylan Gadino on the set of Apatow's new movie Trainwreck, which Amy Schumer wrote and stars in. Apatow talks about getting back into stand-up comedy, an upcoming episode of The Simpsons he wrote, struggling with adult responsibilities, working with Schumer and much more...
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Jim Norton - 'I Insincerely Apologize' - Just For Laughs keynote 2014


As of this writing (July 24, 1014), Jim Norton ended his keynote address titled 'I Insincerely Apologize' at the ComedyPro conference at Just For Laughs in Montreal only a few hours ago. His good friend, comedian Tom Papa introduced him to the stage.
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Ep. 93 - Jason Nash interview


Comedian Jason Nash sits down with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino to talk about his new movie from Comedy Central-- "Jason Nash is Married." The two also chat about their personal lives, anti-depressants, the inner workings of making a movie, the new TBS show "Funniest Wins" (which Nash is on) and...
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