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Episode #118: Jak Knight

over 7 years ago

Young upstart Jak Knight (Comedy Central, @midnight) joins the podcast ready to sling some stones back at our veteran hosts. Jak shares stories about coming up in Seattle and there's a great discussion of NY vs LA comedy scenes.

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Episode #117: Lucas Brothers


Kenneth & Keith Lucas (Fallon, HBO, Comedy Central) join the podcast to talk about stars who've jumped the shark; disturbing movies; and horrible cases of bombing. Hey! Sean Donnelly's album comes out this week: Get "Manual Labor Face" off of iTunes, Amazon, or CCDirect. [This episode engineered by Aaron Brungardt]
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Episode #116: Jesse Joyce


Jesse Joyce ("Last Comic Standing," Comedy Central) meets up with Dan in Hollywood while Sean & Tom call in via Skype! Jesse talks about history with drinking and cigarettes; morally bankrupt hypnotists and comics who need to let you know how "awesome" they are; adventures in Alaska, and more! [Engineered...
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Episode #115: WOMEN (the Sketch Comedy Group)


3/4 of WOMEN, the sketch comedy group as featured on IFC and beyond (Jake Weisman, Dave Ross, Allen Strickland-Williams), join Dan to talk about how pointless relationships would be for (some of) them right now and Dan's creepy obsession with their relationship status but they did talk about bad moves...
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Episode #114: Jesse Popp


Jesse Popp ("Conan," Comedy Central) joins Dan, Tom, and special guest host, Al Jackson, to talk about over-caffeination, mistakes made on stage, mistakes with joke writing, and so much more!!
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Episode #113: Jon Gabrus


Jon Gabrus ("Guy Code," "The Substitute") joins Dan, Sean, and Tom, to talk about his worst moments on stage and traveling, and his reactions to the "Sean and Dan dynamic" in the podcast is hilarious!
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Episode #112 : Greatest Hits, Volume 2


Our hosts are on the road so we thought we'd share the best clips from episodes 11-19 of the podcast! Go back and listen to the entire episodes with guests: Henry Zebrowski, Paul Virzi, Tim Dillon, Jared Logan, Emily Heller, Nore Davis, Christian Finnegan, Adam Newman, and Mike Recine!
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Episode #111: Josh Adam Meyers


Josh Adam Meyers ("The Wire," "100 Jokes," Goddamn Comedy Jam) joins the crew to talk about opiates, mistakes dating strippers, interactions with a future James Bond, and more! [Engineered by: Aaron Brungardt]
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My Dumb Friends #110 - Julian McCullough


Julian McCullough ("Chelsea Lately," "Inside Amy Schumer") whose new show "We Have Issues" just premiered on E! last Friday, joins the podcast to tell us about a spectacular failed romance, knowing when he hit "the bottom" in terms of substance abuse, and his journey through stand-up.
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Episode #109: Beth Stelling


The incredibly funny and lovely Beth Stelling ("Conan," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "@midnight," "Chelsea Lately") joined the show to talk about her arrest record, long distance relationships, what TV shows she avoids watching so she won't be scared, and so much more! Her Comedy Central special premieres on 10/10/15!
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Episode #108: Guy Branum


The amazing Guy Branum ("Chelsea Lately," "Last Comic Standing," "Totally Biased") joins Dan (and, then, Tom) to talk about his experiences in Berkeley, weird hookups with potentially dangerous people, picking almonds as a kid, and a few pointed questions on what Dan does and does not do, for fun!
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