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Episode 124: Jean-Bob

over 2 years ago

Bobo gets a lob from the heavens. Khaloko uses reverse psychology. George does a betray. We talk premature balding, centaurs, and Uncle Raoul. #justicewillprevail #dontletthesunfalldown

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Episode 123: Steebeeweebee Goes Red


Kicking off this New Year with some brotherly love/rage. We talk wormholes, shine blockers, and ACE scores. Steve's Show  
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Episode 36: The Hardy Vessel


Bobo almost loses a foot. Khalyla says a final goodbye to the girls. Gilbert is a cry-fighter. We talk cosmetic alterations, gunky blood vessels, and Carl Lewis.   Recorded April 05, 2016 Music by Bobby Lee Instagram: @tigerbelly Twitter: @thetigerbelly Facebook: thetigerbelly
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Episode 122: Jimmy O. Yang & The Woman in the Closet


Jimmy goes boom. Bobo says a prayer. We talk porcelain skin, Crazy Rich Asians, and running from economics.     
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Episode 121: Geo Antoinette is a Pioneer


Geo knows the lie. Bobo double lies. We talk banker blues, hypothermia in the wild, all year round xmas trees, korean gargoyles, tic tic, and a beautiful birth story.  
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Episode 120: Angel with no Wings


Bobo is very sleepy. Khaloko double pees. Gilbo gets rice cooker’d. Pink Dick knows Job. We talk death clouds, tentacles, sudden deafness, and brittle bones.     
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Episode 119: Sam Tripoli & The Ghost of Lee


Sam is a young Christian warrior and a nastymouth. We talk salami sex, heteroflexibility, controlled hallucinations, scarecrow’s ass, and selling icecream in the 1950s.    
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Episode 118: Eureka, Science Alert!


Bobo finds a pebble. Khaloko has turkey day blues. Gilbo goes for the heartburn. We talk the Sin of Onan, broken mannequin heads, and the goosh gash. #smellded #hellven #yeahnene      
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Episode 117: Russell Peters


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Episode 117: Russell Peters and a Korean War


Russel mediates a feud. Bobo is despicable. We talk gold watches, book-smart vs street-smarts, and useless parents.
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Episode 116: Taran Killam & Little Whale Teeth


Taran is Yoda. Bobo has baleen. We talk dial up internet, debilitating paranoias, blurry lines of comedy, and Toki on sabbatical.
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