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Episode 193 - Dave Anthony

over 3 years ago

Dave Anthony (The Dollop/Maron) talks about stealing money from a grocery store, quitting a car wash from his own car, watching a Domino’s manager almost get murdered by a coworker, being friends with Mitch Hedberg, and walking out on the Comedy Cellar in New York Listen to The Dollop: Get the shirts: Come to shows: Join the patreon: See for privacy information.

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Episode 192 - Moses Storm


Moses Storm (Conan/Arrested Development/NBC's Sunnyside) talks about growing up in a legitimate cult yelling at people they were going to hell as a child, attending body building competitions with his mom, lying to become a stunt double, and working a terrible Hollywood nightclub all before going to an open mic...
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Episode 191 - Amir K


Amir K (MADTV/Comedy Central) talks moving to California from Tehran as kid, lying about cleaning pools for money, being fired from scooping ice cream, and getting rich before the real estate market crashed in 2008, all before he started doing stand up where he and Brooks met in 2009. Follow...
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Episode 190 - Langston Kerman


Langston Kerman (Comedy Central/Insecure/The Boys) talks about how he didn't make his high school basketball team so he decided to become a poet. He got his masters in poetry then became a teacher for a bit. He was also a security guard with no power at the University of Michigan...
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Episode 189 - Jonny Loquasto


Jonny Loquasto (WWE) talks about growing up in Pennsylvania being fired from Champs, Chi-Chi’s, and Chili’s before deciding to move to Los Angeles to pursue comedy while working in Physical Therapy. It all came together in 2019 when he was hired to commentate for the WWE. It Follow Jonny:
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Episoden187 - Mike Lawrence


Mike Lawrence (Conan/Comedy Central) talks about working at McDonald's for a decade and how his time there helped him "slumdog millionaire" a win at the first ever live Comedy Central Roast Battle. Follow Mike: See for privacy information.
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BONUS EPISODE with Candy Lawrence


Candy Lawrence (the most requested guest to have back on) joins Brooks to discuss how they both handled the pandemic differently, middle names, their favorite 90's movies, and other VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. Follow Candy: Join the patreon for other future bonus episodes: See for privacy information...
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Episode 186 - Christian Duguay


Christian Duguay (MADtv/Arrested Development) talks with Brooks about what it's like to only do one season on a very public tv sketch show. He also talks about moving furniture in Maine, refusing to walk an old lady's dog for money, and then moving to Los Angeles 3 times before finding...
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Episode 185 - Georgia Hardstark


Georgia Hardstark (My Favorite Murder) discusses growing up in Irvine working as a hungover baker at age 15, not being good at selling retail in Hollywood, and bailing on her desk job to make a food show, all before starting one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Check...
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Episode 184 - Gareth Reynolds


Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop/Arrested Development) talks about being a super hero for hire at children’s parties in Hollywood, being a “ballet” in the parking lot of a Comedy Sports in Milwaukee, then being a real valet and feeling like he made it after that. Check out Gareth on tour and...
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Episode 183 - Emily Gordon


Emily Gordon (The Big Sick/The Meltdown) discusses growing up as a goth in the middle of North Carolina, being punished by having to travel with NASCAR for a summer as a teen, serving coffee from a travel cart in a hospital, and being a therapist to a hotel of over...
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