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Episode 26: Oh No! He’s Got a Guitar! (with guest Jon Daly)

about 1 year ago

The boyz are back from their triumphant trip to SXSW! They express their gratitude that they’re both on the same social wavelength of wanting to hang out in relatively sedentary settings where snacks are available. Johnny’s mother moved to LA while he was away, and has almost immediately committed a boundary-shattering babysitting faux pas. Tony initiates a scene that strikes right to the pith of the matter, and then Jon Daly comes on to discuss his SXSW experience, how they all barely graduated high school, and why he thought it would be easier for Johnny to order for him at a take-out window instead of each of them just placing their own separate order and paying independently. Also, Daly accidentally says “Bic” when he means “Schick,” and Johnny will not let it go. Alas, the fun must end, but not before someone pisses in a jar!

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