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Episode 29: A Stroll Through Barnes & Noble (with guest Blaire Erskine)

about 1 year ago

Do Tony & Johnny have anything to talk about anymore? Yes! They discuss the weather for a bit and depress themselves about the deteriorating environment and how horrible it will be to die of heat exposure. They reminisce about the joys of endless days spent wandering the Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side and inevitably emptying their bowels in the children’s section. Then comedian, writer, and social media sensation Blaire Erskine comes on to dish about the Atlanta comedy scene, how nice a guy Machine Gun Kelly is, and how much it sucks to get death threats online! As the episode winds down, it becomes clear that Tony (who invited Blaire onto the podcast) feels suspended in an awkward tension between his exciting new friend Blaire and his embarrassing old friend Johnny. Blaire and Johnny assure him that it’s fine.

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