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Episode 304: The Big Hammock in the Sky

over 2 years ago

O'Neill starts it off this week by commenting on the intro song we played and saying that Dave Chappelle loves to sing "Creep" by Radiohead. He once even heard him sing it twice in a row while doing karao-kay at the Comedy Store holiday party. That leads into a quick discussion of Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl's HIT song, "Eazy Sleazy". After that, there's some sad news. Hammock legend, John McAfee, who once big-timed the show by not coming on, has passed away. We talk about his legacy and various theories about his death. Then, Danish talks about his second bear sighting! Bears galore in his new area!!! Also, a random woman in a parking lot rooted for Danish's death (or serious injury). Hear what that's all about on THIS show. Meanwhile, some random pedestrian decided to tell O'Neill where to park his car. That segues nicely into a video someone sent us about two larger women who wanted diapers that made them feel more attractive to the opposite sex. We talk about Eleanor J. Kerrigan and Brian Holtzman being in Reno to perform together (separately but on the same show, don't get crazy). Then, we bring up something not many have talked about for some reason: former MMA champ, Anderson Silva, fighting a pro boxer (not like these youtuber fellas!). That leads us into talking about Big Earl's couch and old TV. After that, it's time to report on the Redneck Rave! It sounds like it was a WILD time. And then, it's time for another sports story! Hear what a Minister allegedly did to former Cubs player, Ben Zobrist. It's not very minister-ly. O'Neill talks about a story on minor league baseball players he saw on HBO's "Real Sports" (lot of sports talk this episode!). There's some Pokemon talk and some park talk, as Danish talks about bringing baby Barb to playgrounds. We finish off by talking about the greatest youtube star ever, Hasbulla! He's an international superstar. And, he owns a pet monkey! See for privacy information.

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