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Episode 31: A Book, Plugged (with guest John Flynn)

about 1 year ago

Johnny’s nervous to test out his new wifi network. What if it doesn’t work well?! Meanwhile, Tony’s fresh from the doctor where he was informed that he has perfect hearing. When Johnny tries to test him by speaking softly, the whole thing devolves into a bitter competition to see who can talk the quietest. It’s a contest you’ll have to NOT hear to believe! Then, they try to trick the Spotify algorithm to see if they can get slapped with a COVID misinformation warning. And THEN, John Flynn comes on to plug his new book “Baked!: Sex, Drugs, and Alternative Comedy” and talk about his seedy past as a pot cookie dealer, which is the subject of his new book “Baked!: Sex, Drugs, and Alternative Comedy!” The trio also talks about Ped Eggs, Crispin Glover, and an old NY subway experience that is so disgusting, Flynn and Anthony are still haunted by it, to this day! They reach the end of the episode and realize there have been no network connection issues. Johnny’s new routers are a hit! And, impossibly, cocks have not been mentioned once! See for privacy information.

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