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Episode 355: Barack 'n Roll

about 1 year ago

Ahoy! We start off with an exciting softball update from Aaron! BIG news here, ladies and gentleman. You may want to be sitting down when you hear it. After that, we talk more about Teal Swan from the documentary "The Deep End" on Hulu. O'Neill reveals some info he found when he did some research on her. Then, it's what you've all been waiting for: Barack Obama's 2022 summer playlist! Want to jam out like an ex-President (well, one to be specific)?!? This is your chance!!!!! Don't miss out on being cool and eclectic and impressing everyone in your life, especially the people you meet at dinner parties. Baby-stealing monkeys in Japan and a woman breastfeeding in her husband's tighties who defends her goose's honor are also discussed. We close 'er out by talking about our favorite fast food and how the best comedian in the world left us wanting more recently.

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