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Episode 38 - Tig Notaro

over 3 years ago

We break bread with the incredibly funny Tig Notaro and learn what it's like to survive on pickles and American Cheese. And we catch a Quick Bite with the one and only Jeff Garlin who has BIG plans for comedy in 2021. See for privacy information.

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Episode 37 - Binging With Babish aka Andrew Rea and Joey Diaz


Super Fun with Andrew Rea, the creator and host of the YouTube sensation Binging with Babish and the Babish Culinary Universe and we grab a quick bite with Joey Diaz, who is living in a New Jersey food paradise. See for privacy information.
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Episode 36 - Nikki Glaser


The great Nikki Glazer has been spending time back home with her first chefs, her mom and dad. And it's time for a quick bite with Mike Birbiglia who seems to be eating everything he can.
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Episode 35 - Apollonia Poilâne


This week we fly to Paris and enter the Poilâne bakehouse with Apollonia Poilâne. She not only leads this legendary bakery but also has a new Master Class 'Apollonia Poilâne Teaches Bread Baking' And we get a Quick Bite with the great actor and food lover Greg Grunberg. ...
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Episode 34 - It's the End of the Year!


Let's talk about the Feast of Seven Fishes, making a BIG dish during this final week and a Quick Bite with Mr. New Year's Eve himself, Dave Hill.
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Episode 33 - This is big!


Meet Kate Pepper, founder of Kate's Bread in Ojai, CA. She's an amazing and inspiring artist and was kind enough to let us into her bakeshop! And one of the funniest people on earth, Kathleen Madigan, stops by for a Quick Bite, that's mostly about drinking.
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Episode 32 - Chris Thile, Bert Kreischer, and Cooking on Sundays.


Chris Thile is a Grammy award-winning musician, host of Live From Here, and a lover of great wine, food, and coffee. Bert Kreischer is a hilarious comedian who is working on the perfect salmon dish. And we talk about why it's important to cook on Sunday.
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Episode 31 - Donna Lennard


Let's spend some time with Donna Lennard, the heart and soul of New York's legendary Il Buco restaurant and get a quick bite with the funniest man in quarantine, Gary Gulman.
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Episode 30 - Guilia Rozzi


This week we discover what makes a great sandwich, uncover the childhood fuel of the great comedian Guilia Rozzi, and have a quick bite with Ryan Hamilton.
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Episode 29 - Jackie Kashian


It's time to give thanks for my spicy cranberry sauce and break bread with the hilarious Jackie Kashian who has a deep and profound love for baked chicken.
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Episode 28 - Matteo Lane


Welcome the great Matteo Lane! If you want to speak Italian, make spaghetti carbonara like a master chef and enjoy your life then listen to this one.
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