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Episode 44: Miliani’s Game (with guest Emily Strachan)

about 1 year ago

We open on a hot, desert soundscape. Heat waves undulate off the baking asphalt. The driving roadhouse rock swells, as a leather-clad dog enters frame. Now that’s how you start a podcast! After they settle down, the laddies jaw about how satisfying it is to return from a trip to find a nice stack-o-mail in need of sorting. Then, the wondrous Emily Strachan hits the scene and divulges that she’s a writer who hates writing…and she’s pregnant! Emily admits to blithely jamming fruit stickers down the garbage disposal, and is eager to gripe about Gil Ozeri…who is her husband! Of course, Tony & Johnny never miss an opportunity to trash one of their closest friends. Emily is also a HUGE fan of Johnny’s Game, and her contributions birth yet another exciting offshoot! See ya later, dog!

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