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Episode 45: Organized Curiosity (with guest Larry Atamanuik)

about 1 year ago

The pod’s abuzz because Anthony’s dad Larry is coming on today, and his tech specs need to be juuuuust right! Tony is rankled that it’s not societally acceptable for men to wear makeup. We get the sense that the boys think there’s something controversial about this topic, but we’re not quite sure what it is. And then, Tony’s daddy Larry is here! He’s got a blurry background and needs some more help with his Zoom preferences, but aside from that, he’s a jovial, effusive, and supportive sweetheart who has played music all over the world and has some fascinating and uplifting philosophies on integrating art and life and manifesting your own successes. He is NOT a fan of Tony & Johnny’s constant cock-talk. Although he, himself, is a bit of a filth-mouth. And, after all the technical help he’s received, Larry Atamanuik holds the record as the “First professional recording artist on the podcast who was unable to press record.”

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