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Episode 48: A Wipe-the-Slate Moment (with guest Andy Daly)

about 1 year ago

The boys begin with some clutch accent work, then get into what good drivers they think they are. Listeners are encouraged to take a thorough self-inventory and decide whether or not they are a shitty driver. Johnny brings up his shredded comforter, believing the topic will be interesting. Tony maintains a good face but honestly seems a little bored by the topic. There has, after all, been a lot of bedding talk, on this podcast. When Andy Daly comes on, he and Johnny discover they both have the same microphone! They go over the free audio equipment they’ve received during the pandemic, the budget woes of their respective TV shows, and Andy’s belief that he could beat a police interrogation. After two straight weeks of guests not enjoying Johnny’s Game, Andy puts in a tremendous showing, and we’re back on track!

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