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Episode 54 - “MUCUS PLUG” with Casey Balsham

over 2 years ago

This week Casey Balsham (Shady Sh*t podcast) comes on to chat about the “dirty word," infertility. What it means, what it feels like, and how to deal. We’re not doctors, but if you’re dealing with infertility, you’ll probably agree- doctors aren’t THAT f*cking great, anyway. They’re kind of a bummer. Lots of patting ourselves on the back in this episode, but don’t you dare call us “warriors,” cause we’ll puke. Our lives are full, even if our wombs are empty! FOLLOW ROSEBUD: Instagram: Twitter: Patreon: FOLLOW CASEY: Instagram: Website: Twitter: Want some BAD ADVICE from Devil’s Advocate? Text Rosebud: See for privacy information.

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