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Feather and Gratitude

about 1 year ago

Melissa laughs about her immaturity and being like a sponge, the gratitude rap song she wrote, and how one sound can make you walk in a different direction. See for privacy information.

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Fairy Doors and One Chair


Melissa laughs about her old Bilbo Baggins impression, her idea of one chair in movie theaters, and her recent obsession of making fairy doors. See for privacy information.
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Presents and Patience


Melissa laughs about adults wanting gifts, the crazy amount of passwords we have to memorize, and wtf is a sim id number, and how rude Kevin McCallister is to the pigeon lady. See for privacy information.
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Be Poop and Feliz Navidad


Melissa laughs at leaning into feeling ugly, Celine Dion’s cover of “Feliz Navidad” and the surprises ladies leave in restroom stalls. See for privacy information.
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Melissa laughs about the music that plays when she’s put on hold, how she doesn’t want old rotten breath, and how it rocks to date a Dad! See for privacy information.
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Board Games and Poufs


Melissa laughs about mall Santa’s being sad at home this year, her call to the Kost 103.5 Santa, and how board game instructions fill her with rage. See for privacy information.
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Melissa laughs about Kost 103.5 dedication songs and the dancing Santa growing up as well as how Instagram makes you overthink yourself. Also, boogers. See for privacy information.
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Peter Pan and Precious


Melissa laughs about outdoor restaurants, CVS carpet, and how she is like Peter Pan by avoiding adult responsibilities. Also, she answers some great questions from fans! See for privacy information.
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Tiny Luggage and Buffets


Melissa laughs about how tiny kid luggage is pointless, buffets should be gone, her Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton impressions, and how nice it is not to be tickled these days or to have to play Twister.
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Silly Putty and Gnome Reviews


Melissa laughs about how her cat goes through her undie drawer, amazon reviews, and pretends she is on Disneyland rides at home.
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Birthday and Halloween


Melissa laughs about her birthday balloons, halloween this year, and her creepy idea to keep us from hunching over and looking at phone.
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