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Monday Morning Podcast 1-2-23

about 1 year ago

Bill rambles about the NFL, New Years Eve, and knowing how to do stuff.

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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 12-30-22


Bill rambles with the lovely Nia about Bill's pneumonia, urgent care, and being dramatic. Thursday Afternoon Podcast - (00:00 - 41:50) Thursday Afternoon Throwback - (41:50 - 01:47:45) (12-29-14) Bill rambles about a food crack house, cleaning out his garage, and getting mugged in Moscow. Anything Better NFL Week 17 Preview & Picks - (01:48:15)
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Monday Morning Podcast 12-26-22


Bill rambles about having pneumonia, Franco Harris, and cameramen on the field.
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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 12-22-22 w/ PETER BILLINGSLEY


Bill rambles with Peter Billingsley about his new film 'A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS', video game addiction, and working on 'F IS FOR FAMILY'. A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS is available on HBO MAX and available to rent. Thursday Afternoon Podcast: (00:00 - 49:45) Thursday Afternoon Throwback: (50:00 - 01:54:05) (12-22-14) Bill...
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Bill rambles about the Patriots loss, hearing loss, and airline pilots. Butcher Box: Sign up today at and use code BURR to get $20 off your first box and ground beef for the life of your membership. Indochino: Get 10% off any purchase of $399 or more. Use promo...
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Thursday Afternoon Monday Podcast 12-15-22


Bill rambles with Rachel Feinstein about dating psychos, small apartments, and 'inspirational' videos. Thursday Afternoon Podcast: (00:00 - 01:11:04) Thursday Afternoon Throwback: (1:12:05 - 02:31:34) (12-15-14 - Bill rambles about Santa as welterweight, pussy coming into the room, and ADHD tests.) Anything Better NFL Preview: (02:31:36 - end)
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Bill rambles about useless internet searches, Kirstie Alley, and hungry pet snakes. Fight Camp: Join the biggest boxing community in the world without leaving your home.This Holiday Season, you’ll also get a Heart Rate Monitor, and a Premium Jump Rope for FREE. That’s an additional $148 value, for FREE. FightCamp...
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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 12-8-22


Bill rambles with Tom Papa about model trains, subway danger, and his new special 'What A Day'. 'What A Day' is available on Netflix December 13th. Thursday Afternoon Podcast: (00:00 - 54:30) Thursday Throwback: (54:57 - 01:53:37) 12-8-22. Bill rambles about soundcloud, virgins, and his new stand-up special. Anything Better...
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Monday Morning Podcast 12-5-22


Bill rambles about sneaker shopping, rituals, and testosterone. MeUndies: Get 20% off your first order, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee by going to
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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 12-1-22


Bill rambles about soccer, jogging in the road, and vices. Thursday Afternoon Podcast: (start - 31:31) Thursday Afternoon Throwback: (32:08 - 01:41:01) (12-1-14) Bill rambles about Black Friday, Gone Girl, and talks with Jason Lawhead. Anything Better NFL Preview: (01:41:27 - end) Thursday Afternoon Interlude: Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere ZipRecruiter...
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Monday Morning Podcast 11-28-22


Bill rambles about his french lessons, tea, and sky ads. Fight Camp: Get started with FightCamp for as low as $9 a month, by going to Aura Frames: Take advantage of Aura’s Cyber Monday sale and get $50 off their best-selling Carver Mat frames at Roman: Go to...
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