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7 months ago

#261: Graham Elwood aka Mr. WNBA joins me in the studio! After a brief hiatus, SWB is back and we're talking all things WNBA. 2020 draft highlights, players on the move, season predictions and Foley's pitch to get these amazing athletes back on the court. Enjoy! #wnba #ladypower Instagram @erinkfoley, Twitter @erinfoleycomic Give us a 5 star review on iTunes & subscribe! Please!

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Matthew Temple & Jewel Greenberg: Documentary Filmmakers highlight Women's Professional Baseball


#260: For the record, women play professional baseball! I was so excited to talk to Matthew & Jewel about their documentary - Hardball: The Girls of Summer. The film follows the top female baseball players, all members of the globally ranked US National Team, highlighting their fight for equality, recognition...
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SWB EP 259: Sue Wicks


Sue Wicks, WNBA All-Star & HOF, joins me in the studio. Wicks dominated on every court - from Rutgers University to European Leagues to the New York Liberty. She's a Hall of Famer, a gay icon and now an oyster farmer in Long Island! Her stories are epic. Grab a...
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SWB EP 258: Alyssa Roenigk


Alyssa Roenigk, ESPN Senior Writer, joins me in the studio! For the past 16 years Alyssa has covered the Olympics, X Games, Tennis Grand Slams and everything in between. We talk about her writing process from pitch to paper, life on the road, the coverage for women's sports and our...
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SWB EP 257: Ruth Harker


Ruth Harker is a trailblazer in Women's Soccer, playing on the first USWNT in 1985, which led to the inaugural Women's World Cup in 1991. She's a member of the UMSL Soccer Hall of Fame and will be inducted into the St Louis Soccer HOF this fall. She's a goalkeeper...
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SWB EP 256: Meghan Klingenberg


Meghan Klingenberg, 2015 World Cup Champ & 2017 NWSL Champ, joins me in the studio! We talk Portland Thorns, USWNT, her love of Pittsburgh, our appreciation for Jeff Van Gundy and her new lifestyle brand RE-INC. She's truly one of my favorites on and off the pitch. Enjoy! For more...
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SWB EP 255: Serena DeJesus


Serena DeJesus, the Southpaw Outlaw, joins me in the studio to talk all things MMA. Serena walks me through the dynamics of MMA - Grappling, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu - her skill set is unreal - and how the sport has helped her battle autism. Her story in and out of the...
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SWB EP 254: Live from Portland w/ Jen Kober & Caitlin Murray


Caitlin Murray, sportswriter and author of the book "The National Team" and stand-up comic Jen Kober (Netflix, The Purge) joined me on stage at the Funhouse Lounge for the Portland Queer Comedy Festival. We covered soccer, tennis and ice hockey in Louisiana! Enjoy! For bonus content and to support the...
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SWB EP 253: Michele Smith


Michele Smith, 1996 & 2000 Olympic Softball Gold Medalist & ESPN commentator, joins me in the studio! Michele is a softball superhero- we discuss her fight to get the sport back in the Olympics, her playing days in Japan, highs/lows, commentating for ESPN and how nobody should ever swing at...
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SWB EP 252: Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak


Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak, 1999 World Cup Champ & Olympic Gold Medalist, joins me on the big show! We talk USWNT, World Cup v Olympics, coaching the UCF Women's soccer team, raising two girls and her work with the US State Dept's Sports Envoy Program. Coach Tiff's stories were amazing. Enjoy...
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SWB EP 251: Rennae Stubbs


Rennae Stubbs, six-time Grand Slam tennis champ, joins Erin Foley in the studio! We talk all things tennis - doubles championships, partners, the slams, the highs/lows, and her path from the court to the broadcasting booth. commentating. Plus, the Foley Five! Enjoy! To see a video of the podcast and...
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