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MVM93: The Swearing Episode

over 10 years ago

Join Maz, Al and Aaron, for the first time together in the same show, while they talk about the new year and their plans. Happy New Year! Enjoy.

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MVM92: The Holidays


Join the Minivan Men while they talk about cellphones, different moods and the Holydays. Enjoy!
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MVM91: Traditions


Join Aaron and Maz while they talk about the mixing of traditions: Hannukah and Christmas. But first, Aaron shares a really nice story about his second baby being born. Enjoy! 
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MVM90: Damn you iPhone!


Join Maz Jobrani and Aaron Aryanpur while they talk about addictions to cell phones, how do you feel when you kid outsmart you? and lastly, the Minivan Men will share some Christmas stories. Enjoy.
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MVM 89: Al the dream killer strikes again


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MVM88: Episode II of the "Comeback"


Join Maz Jobrani and Aaron Aryanpur while they talk about how to talk to your kids about their privates, then the Minivan Men will share their plans for Halloween and lastly Aaron is going to audition for a very important voice-over job. Enjoy!
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MVM87: The New Minivan MAN


After a long period of the MVM podcast is back. Maz Jobrani introduces the new member of the show Aaron Aryanpur and they talk about Aaron's desicion to go after his passion and Maz shares some exciting and crazy stories about the shooting of his movie Jimmy Vestvood. Enjoy!
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MVM86: Racoons


This week on Minivan Men: What do you do when you come face to face with a racoon? Also Al shares some of his nomatic lifestyle and finally the MVM give some tips about your kids and lending money.
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MVM 85: Maz


Join Maz Jobrani doing a SOLO episode where he talks about the Trayvon Martin case, then he'll tell you something about trampolins that might help you get thru the summer with your kids and lastly he will share some ideas about obesity. Sponsored by TiVo.
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MVM84: Father's Day


This week Maz talks about how his son talked back to him, how did he handled it? Also Al talks about bullying and quick comebacks for bullies.Happy father's day everybody!
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MVM83: Kesha's Pee & Estate Debt


Join Al and Maz while they discuss about the singer Kesha and why she drank her own pee on TV. Then Maz shares some debt stories and finally, they'll read and respond to some emails from you. this episode is brought to you by Tivo
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