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Pound Cake - Episode 3

over 4 years ago

Dan and Rory are once again back and in saddle! And they're joined by guests, Geoff Tate and Professor Adam Dubowsky! The guys get into a conspiracy theory, celebrate being back together, and review episode 3 of 11.22.63!

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Pound Cake - Book Episode 2


Lil sidekick Bill is a huge change from the books and when the boys aren't talking about that, Rory is letting go of his hopes for a reset. The increased amount of horror is also discussed and who would've thought we'd miss Derry so much. Plus a ton more! With...
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Pound Cake - Episode 2


Pump the brakes and open some wine! Rory and Daniel are in the same room again and they're talking about Episode 2 of 11.22.63! The guys love Josh Duhamel, the pace of the episode, the fact that Marques is absent, and a good Jaws joke. On the down side it...
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All you readers are getting your just deserts! In the weekly book versions of Pound Cake, Rory and Daniel talk about changes made by the show, things they wish made the cut, plus predictions they have about next week's episode.
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Down the rabbit hole Pound Cake goes! Daniel and Rory breakdown episode 1 of 11.22.63 after addressing the elephant in the room, talking and about the announcement gala. Things wrap up with their classic "Pound Cake Rating" and Rory has a contest for the fans!
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Pound Cake is BACK! The Stars have aligned and Rory Scovel along with his longtime radio partner Daniel Van Kirk are once again behind the mics! Listen live from their HUGE announcement party where they discuss how they got back together, look back at where it all started, explain why...
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