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about 1 year ago

Amongst other things, the new year ushers in episode 98. A planner update, baked goods from a seaside town, as well as extensive umbrella diatribe are all on the table. Speaking of tables, yours is ready. Have a seat, take a load off.

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Staples Has Entered The Chat


A planner debacle, a signature nail, in the midst of the holiday season no less.
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What's Happening Now


The unfurling of my vine (not a metaphor) trapped in my garage (also not a metaphor) mayhem in the Von's parking lot (not that you thought it was but just to be clear, not a metaphor) all this plus setting the table for 2023. Let's dine.
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My Vine


Episode 95 is leaving no stones unturned. "What stones?" You may be asking yourselves, and not that it's any of your business but examples of the aforementioned stones are: A churro alternative, a live reaction to the Avatar 2 trailer, as well as finding out my neighbor's last name.
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Rite Aid Doesn't Sell Bananas


"A post Thanksgiving triumph." - Freddy Prinze Jr.
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Marshall's Member Etc.


A pre Thanksgiving spread including but not limited to: a catastrophic reorganization of my apps (not a metaphor), an impassioned rant regarding herbs, an appearance at a tennis club, endless hot chocolate, astro turf. Pray you saved room for dessert but absolutely not legally responsible if you didn't.
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Calligraphy Etc.


Episode 92 comes barrelling down the highway carrying precious cargo in the form of riveting topics such: a calligraphy tutorial gone wrong, oatmeal, and seasons- recorded mere days after all my taste buds were eradicated at the hand of a tempting, fresh batch of turkey chili... aye dios mio.
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La Jolla Diaries


Episode 91 finds me fresh off a stint in La Jolla that came with many highs in the form of electricity that only a quaint seaside town can provide, as well as lows including but not limited to: an icy smoothie, a missed opportunity for a stretch, and a dressing...
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Live Chia Seed Pudding Tasting Etc.


If you're looking for a light listen, episode 90 is not for you... tendentious topics explored include: a regional soy sauce shortage, a sub par candle selection, all culminating in a visit to the gold member's lounge at the newly renovated Citibank, as well as an anti climatic return to...
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Citibank Renovations And More


Based on zero evidence, I feel as though most podcasts phone it in for episode 89, and listen... I get it. It's not episode 90 and lord knows it isn't 100, but that's just it, it's episode 89. It's not some huge landmark, not some big to do. It's casual...
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Mini Pumpkin Trough Etc.


An inspired parking lot tangent, a deep dive on a trunk issue, a disappointing juice purchase, going through customs at London Heathrow. In short, a slay.
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