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Subway Attack/Crazy Guy/Fan Qz

over 3 years ago

Ppl ask Lance questions via twitter and Lance reply. Also talking about other stuff before that.


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My body sore from getting shredded. Have nothing to do with this podcast but u should kno @Lcantstopolis
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Post Turkey pod. Time to eat other meats now. Give turkey break and beef it uuuuup. Leave Lance stars and review. He thrive off that shit. @Lcantstopolis 
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So much ground being covered. Another shooting another dollar. Supermarket trials and tribulations. Lance figuring out so many life hacks. Calling them Lancehacks tho. Tell me if u have any.  @Lcantstopolis
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This podcast so good and only getting better. Crazy. Would not think it possible but it like breaking speed of light. Laws of podcast physics not applying to Lance. So much stuff happening to me and offering such good perspective on the happenings. Crushing observationz. Had to fly so talked...
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another podcast for the ear drums. sorry deaf ppl. i guess maybe they having deaf apps that maybe spell out podcast by now. i dunno don't have enough deaf friends. or any. would just haven't met them. not apposed.  @Lcantstopolis
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Pence/Weinstein/Puerto Rico/Coffee


I talking about so many things this week. I also make a song with all proceeds going to Puerto Rico. Lance just doing his part. We all fabric of this Earth you know?  Hit me up @LCantstopolis
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Saw movie Flatliners so you don't have to. Lance figure out why chicks loving guys with dogs. Hef dies and Lance break down ice cream man. Other stuff happen too. At end I play fucking dope track by Shy Luv called "Like A River" Hit Lance up on social @Lcantstopolis...
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