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TAMMP 9-28-17

over 2 years ago

Bill rambles about lightning, sing songs and Buccaneers.

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Bill talks with Felipe Esparza about his new HBO special and answers reader emails.
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Bill rambles quietly about Opioids, nerds and jamming.
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Bill rambles about no booze, making an ass of himself at a party and the Stub Hub Cent-AHH!
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Bill rambles about Saturday, being a dope and watching football.
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Bill rambles about the South, undefeated seasons and the Russians.
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Bill rambles about hurricanes, the South and advertisers.
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Bill rambles about Europe's little counties, Force India and no boozin' there.
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Bill rambles about golf, scammers and hand jobs.
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Bill rambles about Make A Wish, Booze Batting Lineups and free T-shirts.
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Bill rambles about population control, Isaiah Thomas trade and the word 'spectacle'.
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