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TDF EP 154 – Beth Lapides

over 8 years ago

Beth Lapides is the creator of one of the earliest, safest space in comedy – TheUncaberet. We talk comedy and life. It's great. Enjoy.  DONATE folks… I’m working over here. or Credits:Patrick Brady fixes the AudioVilmos works on the websitesMike Ruekberg composed and sings the songs.   NOTES: Henriette Mantel First and Hope Amazon Eps of Uncab Austin Comedy 102.7 Run for First Lady Daniel Tosh HecklerLeslie Ball Beth Lapides Book Shitty Mom by Kilmartin and others. Funny!

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TDF EP 153 – Live with Bil Dwyer


Bil Dwyer loves Golf. He doesn’t talk about it enough for me, but we learn that he read that John Jakes series with The Bastard when he was a child. He is a walking hilarity. His website is not available so here’s his facebook. You get a chance to see...
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TDF EP 152 – Dork Expedtion to the LA Auto Show


GIANT SIZED END OF YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA! Andy said, “wanna go to the LA Auto Show”? Uh… I want to watch YOU at the LA Auto Show. And so another Dork Expedition happens. It’s sensory overload at points… music and car noises. LOTS of car links. And we say, “look at...
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TDF EP 151 – Craig Shoemaker


Craig Shoemaker is the “lovemaster” … we don’t talk about it. He’s got a great podcast called Laughing it Off. We talk about his dream sequence of being on Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynn – which leads to tales of his dad and then it’s ALL Wizard of Oz. All...
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TDF EP 150 – Gina Yashere


Gina Yashere is a British comic and loves the tension and drama of television and movies. She also likes ghosts and movies about ghosts and books about ghosts and, I actually say, “safe space.” Remember: November and December are “do not donate” months. Donate to a foodbank or the Hurricane...
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TDF EP 149 – Julie Hoverson


Julie Hoverson makes fabulous audio dramas. She writes, directs, produces and performs in three ongoing series. She knows her old timey radio, Lovecraft and the writing craft. LARPing is discussed and I try to keep up. It’s great, tune the hell in. Remember: November and December are “do not donate”...
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TDF EP 148 – Guy Branum loves Canada


Guy Branum is a funny, funny comic and writer. You might have seen him on Chelsea Lately a lot; and he worked at G4. He's a great comic. He also knows some seriously obscure facts about Canada. Probably not obscure if you're Canadian. It’s excellent. Enjoy. ALSO: Nov/Dec are “do...
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TDF EP 147 – Salsa! With Solange Castro


Solange (@solangecb on twitter) is a stand up comic and loves to DANCE! We talk Salsa! The dance of her people, or someone’s people. She loves it, it sounds like I should love it. I want to love it. It seems exhausting. But in suede shoes. ALSO: Nov/Dec are “do...
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TDF EP 146 – Live with Chelsea Cain who loves DnD


I did a LIVE show in Portland with Chelsea Cain at a Comedy Festival there. It’s a bit buzzy because of the mystery of me taping live. Sigh. Patrick Brady is not to be judged. But the show is so great. I can’t stop talking initially but, Chelsea Cain, famous...
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TDF EP 145 – Live at LAPODFEST with Paul Adelstein and Murray Valeriano


Paul Adelstein (STINE) and Murray Valeriano (VaLARiano) join me at the LaPodFest to talk about Music. I think we know what happens when music is introduced into the plot. Shots. I laughed my head off. Enjoy. Donation Button, if you wish is on www.dorkforest.comReview the show on iTunesFeel free to...
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TDF EP 144 – Lindy West and Aham Oluo


Lindy West and Ahamefyle Oluo are writers, comics, musicians from Seattle. I love their works. Aham thought he was coming over to “audit” the show in my living room. Oh no. Yer in the house, you’re on the show. And… It was Wynton Marsalis I saw live play jazz or...
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