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TDF EP 17 – Wendy Liebman and Judith Shelton

over 10 years ago

  My guests are ladies... so they talk soft like ladies... not a lot even Patrick Brady could do about it without making it all sound weird. So, it soft -and ladylike. That’s what’s up. They are both on facebook and twitter find them and follow: @WendyLiebman and @JudeTheUnsure. It's a girly episode... I hope you enjoy a lovely hour with two funny, smart lady-friend dorks. Also, I lose my intelligentsia card when I don't know who Susan Sontag is...   Topics I regret not finding out more about FANCY YARN from Jude. Wendy Liebman one liner examples Berlin – The Metro (well, now I know the song)High Spirits Castle Waiting (adorable!) Earth 2 Meltdown Patton Oswalt – The Goon (go read Eric Powell for sure though) Hah! Oprah! What a crazy girl show! Let’s do this! The Pleasure Chest Spencer Pratt – The Hills Defending Your Life Ricky Gervais – and we don’t end up talking about it Matisyahuworld (I knew who HE was ;) Previous Lives… I like that it took an hour to get to this… because it's crazy.Defiance Joseph A. Altsheler My Life in France Natalie Goldberg Anne Lamott Sarah Vowell   Correction: UM… it was NOT the NY Subway it was the train. The train. And now I can’t find a link for which train. Sigh. I've been saying subway for months. It was a train.   More Kashian on the web: Podcasts: Shakeytown, Danny Bevins (ep 2), Geek Show (be up soon) Standup out and about - first week of FEB: ACME Comedy Company Minneapolis, MN (details on my calendar )   Credits: Audio leveling by Patrick Brady and the Songs are by Mike Ruekberg. My Website was redone by Vilmos : with is an offshoot of it and they both have players and links and show schedules, videos of my stand up and a donation button. Knock yourselves out.

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