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The Mandarin Dream Episode 10

over 5 years ago

在桔子梦第十集里,我所讲述的故事是礼拜一主持周一的Potluck。这个是我第三次主持。主持是一个技术,每一次主持我都比上一次主持的好,每一次主持我都比上一次感觉好。这次主持过程里来了三个经纪人来看我的现场。三个礼拜前,我的经理人迈克带来一个经纪人,她看了我的现场表演以后非常喜欢我的表演,觉得我很有才。2个礼拜之前,我和我的经理人迈克去和她工作的经纪人公司谈签约的事情。她们的办公室在西好莱坞的一个大楼顶层,座谈室的风景直观好莱坞上的景色。她们可以给我安排美剧的试镜,如果签约了,她们可以给我安排写手来写关于冯超的美剧和电影儿。在周二,我上了一个演出,演出地点是在我们相声馆儿。美国一个付费电视台Showtime正在拍摄一个关于我们相声馆儿的纪录片。其中一部分是关于我们这些领位的人。"The Door Guy Show" 我那天是压轴儿戏。排演出的人给了我这个压轴儿的Kinison最后出场。纪录片儿会在明年上,希望你们能在电视上看见我。还讲述了EVE的故事,她是我在2015做导游时候儿的客人,她以前是做国际进出口贸易的,工作很好,很赚钱,但是不是她真正想做的事儿。她听了我搬来洛杉矶追梦的故事,她受到了启发,她把自己的工作辞了,开始写作。她写了一个关于我的文章。她的编辑很喜欢这个文章,要修改以后发给制片,如果纸片看中了很买版权在中国做个电视剧,合同上百万。我和她说,我们对自己所做的东西要求很高,早晚会有制片看中。还讲述了去麦当劳和肯德基吃小时候儿回忆的故事。最后一个故事是去吃新奥尔良麻辣小龙虾的故事。我的好朋友Punkie是新奥尔良人,礼拜天我们等了2个小时才吃上麻辣小龙虾,决定从明年3月到6月我们会去在那个好莱坞大道上的新奥尔良酒吧卖麻辣小龙虾。

The Mandarin Dream Episode 10, I talked about hosting potluck at the Store. It is my third time hosting, every time I get better at hosting than the time before, every time I host I have more fun than the time before. I had three agents came to watch me hosting live on Monday. One agent saw me kill a couple Mondays ago on Potluck, she loved my set. She set up a meeting with me and Mike. Meeting went well. She brought two other agents from her company to watch me live. My very first Hollywood meeting went swimmly well. They can get me into studio auditions if they sign me. I was on a show case for the showtime documentary at the store. I got the Kinison spot on the show. It was a true honor to have that last spot of the showcase. I talked about Eve's story. I met her in 2015 when I was a tour guide and she was just in a tour group for international trade. My story about being a stand up comedian inspired her. She quit her job and did something that she has passion for which is writing. She is writer in Shanghai. We talked about my story for 3 hours the other day. Now she wants to turn my story into a million dollar TV show in China. I also talked about going to Mcdonald's and KFC to find my childhood memories about American fast food. And the crawfish experience on Hollywood BLVD. Starting next year, me and Punkie will be in the crawfish business for good time and friendship at a New Orleans bar on Hollywood BLVD.

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