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The Mandarin Dream Episode 7

over 5 years ago

这周桔子梦第七集里所讲述的故事是我礼拜一上台演出的故事,还有讲述礼拜四的一个演出。还有就是和Bill的短暂交流。Punkie 请客吃的 Popeys炸鸡。还有就是招人讨厌的服务员儿。简单提到了丹佛市的毒蘑菇合法草案。我爱你美国

In Mandarin Dream Episode 7, I talked about my stand up experience. One employee spot, one bar open mic, one actor's theater open mic. the quick story about shaking the BOSS's hand(Bill). Popeyes fried chicken from Punkie. Annoying bozos ask me while I'm eating my Popeyes.

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