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Van and Postcards

over 2 years ago

Melissa laughs about her colorful van for the tour, hearing someone tell her she's smart, and how happy she is to know there's actual animal crossings. See for privacy information.

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Feather and Gratitude


Melissa laughs about her immaturity and being like a sponge, the gratitude rap song she wrote, and how one sound can make you walk in a different direction. See for privacy information.
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Notebook and Roots


Melissa laughs about her reading comprehension problems while filming "Finding Your Roots", how she had chocolate on her face mask, and her new notebook energy. See for privacy information.
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Disney Tears and Debates


Melissa laughs about how ridiculous that people cried going back into Disneyland, how she falls for anything like when Jiffy Lube tells her to buy more things, and her new rule of not speaking until she's eaten food or else she's a monster. See for privacy information.
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Books and Belts


Melissa laughs about books when they change the original cover to the major motion picture cover, how she hates belts with holes, and how lately she's been glammed up for press events and her brain can't focus on being funny only on being a hot piece of meat. See
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Maggie May and Memory


Melissa laughs about her three hour nap, getting back into guitar lessons, how her memory sucks, and how she's done with the coffee place nearby. See for privacy information.
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Pillows and Ponytails


Melissa laughs about the way to sleep, how there should be holes in the car headrest for ponytails, and how Mickey will treat folks when Disneyland in CA reopens. See for privacy information.
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Washers and Runners


Melissa laughs about never using dishwashers, buying a huge hamster wheel like bookcase, why runners run on main streets, and her ultimate comeback on Insta. See for privacy information.
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Letters and Lovers


Melissa laughs at the thought of buying lingerie, how back in high school she had a slobbery first kiss and how weird she was with her crushes. Oh and she sings some good ol' 10CC and Whitney Houston. See for privacy information.
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Fart Tonight and Focus Tunes


Melissa laughs about her old parody song "Waiting Fart Tonight," how focus music on Spotify is too intense, and the tamale Penny found on her walk. See for privacy information.
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Tiny Houses and Paper Scents


Melissa laughs about how amazed the folks are that move into Tiny Houses, paper smells, and licking a page in her science book in 4th grade. See for privacy information.
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