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Yannis Pappas 2.0

4 months ago

Yannis comes by to take his shoes off for a second time. His first appearance on TYSO has been reviewed as a top 10 TYSO. Watch it on YouTube here:

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Yannis' new Comedy Special, "Mom Love":

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Todd Glass 2.0


More info on this episode later, but for now, if you wanna get the nice, smooth, cold, crisp buzz like us in this episode-- support TYSO by supporting our sponsor, Freeze Pipe. For the smoothest smoking experience and free shipping, goto and use code TYSO for 10% off your...
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Erik Griffin (FIRST LIVE TYSO)


Take Your Shoes Off LIVE! First time ever. Audio-only listeners, we did 2 shows and this cuts between them. Though we feel you’ll be able to know when we cut between the 2 shows, it may be a little confusing if you’re not looking out for it.Erik Griffin joined Rick...
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Tony Caruso


From 1975 - 2002, Tony Caruso was one of the most sought after comedians in North America. It was very cool to get into it to hear what happened to him, and very exciting that he is coming back to comedy. Hear about his adventures with a lot of the...
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Harland Williams 2.0


Too tired to write a description now. Will updated later. But this is a recent fav episode. YouTube ep avail tomorrow along with a bonus 15 minutes of exclusive content from this episode at:
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Utkarsh Ambudkar


Live TYSO taping w/ RICK GLASSMAN and ERIK GRIFFIN this Friday & Saturday, October 21 + 22, in St. Petersburg, FL. Also Stand up shows. Get tix and info here: (watch this episode with video here: Not sure who's a bigger fan of whom with this week's guest...
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Trevor Wallace


Want to see RICK GLASSMAN and ERIK GRIFFIN live? Come to our live TYSO taping and/or our stand up shows this October 21 + 22 in St. Petersburg, FL. Get tix and info here: Support TYSO by supporting our sponsors: Helix is offering up to $200 dollars off all...
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Ali Macofsky 3.0


Ali Macofsky joins the TYSO 3.0 club as she takes her shoes off and charms Rick with her frantic high-energy. JK. If you don't yet know Ali well, she isn't very high energy. It was a joke. Relax. Maybe you need some CBD or something. And if you want to...
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Sam Morril 2.0


Sam Morril came back to the TYSO studios to take his shoes off. Same and Rick have great chemistry, so it's no wonder he has quickly become a favorite on the show. We like to keep this descriptions nice and short, so all we'll say is, check out his new...
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Chris D'Elia


This week’s guest is one of the most requested. He and Rick worked together on NBC’s “Undateable” back in 2014-2016 with fellow TYSO alumni Brent Morin, Ron Funches, David Fynn, and Bill Lawrence.Chris D’Elia comes to take his shoes off to talk about “Aladdin.” The entire episode is about Aladdin.If...
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New York's Steve Rannazzisi flew to Cleveland to do stand up at Hilarities Comedy Club (and boy were his arms tired). Rick was in town, so they performed together for the weekend. This is their story... But Rick, what's this episode about? THIS, Boppers and Goblins, is a CCCC episode...
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